Friday, April 14, 2006


Date: Wednesday, 12.4.2006
Place: Prince Abdullah AlFaisal Stadium, Jeddah
Teams: Ittihad V.s Ahli..both from Jeddah
Championship: Semi Final of the King's Cup

ittihad won 3/0 ..it was a wonderful game..here are some pictures :D people started to come toothe stadium since 2 pm!!! can you believe that!! by 5 pm all gates were closed coz the stadium was full..the match starts at 9 pm and these people are sitting and waiting there since 5 pm :P lol

Enjoy the pictures and Congratulations to Ittihadis :D:D:D

At 16:00

it's full!!

the match started

and we WON!! :D

Fo0f..Next Sunday we'll play against hilal.. WE WILL WIN! HAHAHAHA :P


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