Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I remembered this funny yet embarrassing story happened to me few years back. I went to Makkah in Ramadan. I used to go with my friends to perform Umrah during this holy month. We were going with my car so when we arrived, I parked my car far away because of the crowd.

Usually in this month, everyone turns to be a taxi. Even private cars will be taxis because of the huge demand. So a car stopped as the guy saw us waiting for a taxi. We went in, I sat in the front and the three friends of mine were at the back. I started to open a conversation with the guy as none of my friends were talking. So I asked him as if I’m talking to an Indian guy (no offense to Indians but they have a known Arabic accent), Kam sana enta fe sho3’ol hina? (How long have you been here in Makkah?) The guy looked at me and didn’t reply. I repeated the question to him and then I said: Sadeeq? (friend?). I was wondering why he is not answering and later I knew why lol.

So imagine this, I’m waiting for an answer as I started to get annoyed (I hate it when someone ignores me :P)

Driver: ana min mawaleed Makkah 7abeebi..S3oodi zayye zayyak.
(I’m a Saudi citizen as you are..born and raised in Makkah!!)
Me: astonished (if you saw me at that moment, you will know how bad was it :P)
My friends: laughing their asses off..
Me: irritated and embarrassed..
Driver: smiling

If you were in my place..what would you do? :p

Friday, May 12, 2006

Well Done Hazar!

While I was reading Okaz newspaper today..I came across this article..and I felt so proud of her..first because she is Saudi..and its a fact that we don't have much Saudis in advertising..in fact, the advertising industry in Saudi Arabia are dominated by non Saudis, Lebanese for example..

Now, back to the subject..Hazar Saleh Bogari has won an "OMNI" prize for her designs..she is dreaming to have her own creative agency on day.. Good luck Hazar! keep up the good work..

P.S. I'll try to post her winning poster..if any one finds it, please let me know!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Swear! They Got Issues!!!

Take a look at THIS