Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Materazzi, Again!

Yesterday I was watching TV, it was late and I was going to bed when I saw this on MBC. It was this sport program "sada almala3ib", and they had some news on the famous incident occured in the 2006 world cup final match, Zidane's head-butt!

Mustafa Ala3'a, the show presenter was saying that Marco Materazzi is about to publish a book with all details happend between him and Zidane which resulted in the famous accident. He will write in detail and in exact words what went between him and Zidane. The book contains around 148 vulgar words and it will be translated to 4 languages.

Now the most important part is, Mr. Materazzi decided that all revenues from this book will be given to the UNISEF!

IS THAT POSSIBLE?! selling a book which is full of shamful swearing then giving the money to a charity?!!!

here are the pictures which I ENJOY looking at;

Zizou, Nous amour vous

PS. I love Fishy 8<

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Please tell me it's a joke!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it in the newspaper. 80 RATS were found on a Saudi airline plane going from Riyadh to Tabuk! apparently they were in one of the passengers BAGS!!! lool I saw snakes on a plane 2 weeks ago and when I read the article, I immediately remembered the movie!! I mean HOW ON EARTH did that bag pass in the first place?! can you imagine urself sitting on the plan and suddenyl! a huge rat comes and jumps on your face! lool wallah this is bad! so if we list "some" of the items which make us "adore" our Saudia airlines, it would be because;

-Your flight can be delayed and cancelled without any further notice!
-Our flight attendants are too busy, this is why they are RUDE all the time, you SHOULDNT bother yourself and ask for anything from them, they will simply, ignore you!
-Your seat can be taken by another passenger, when you arrive late to the airport and you find that you can't print your boarding pass, say good bye to your flight!
-In Ramadan or Hajj days, don't dream of travelling domestically with Saudia, save your time and energy and travel directly by your car!

na3taz be 5edmatikom - crap!

Friday, December 15, 2006


-As some of you already know, I had a crappy weekend..thanks to my beloved headache, I couldn't leave home. I went for 15 minutes to have dinner with the guys on Thursday then I had to go home again. The problem is that no matter how many panadol tablets I take, the pain remains! However, I'm much better today..7amdella :p

-Today, the "overrated" LBC program star academy starts for the 4th year. It's the time for the Lebanese channel to make millions of dollars..rezg alhobol 3ala almajaneen!

-My friends are going to Egypt in the Hajj holiday, I'm still thinking whether to go or not. Personally I don't like Egypt although the guys promised it will be fun..we'll see what happens :)