Friday, April 28, 2006

Man! This is Bad!!

So dear bloggers, I'm back from my short visit to Bahrain. It was good for a change..wasn't that good as I expected.

We had a long seminar from 9 to 5..after that we had a chance to visit the "kingdom". so in the first day we went to this spa place..a very romantic, quiet and cool place. On the second day we went to a Mexican resturant, food wasn't great but it was okay..I liked the band very much :P

So we came back to the hotel around 12 midnight..one of my collegues decided to go to some place for a drink..I had nothing to do so I went with her..

As we were walking towards the bar..I saw one guy from our office...he was walking with someone "a russian hooker"..worth mentioning, this guy is married and he has kids. I heared a lot about this guy being such a womenizer and "stupid" at the same time..I never had the chance to travel with him before. this was my first and definetly the last!

I know this is non of my business whether this guy cheats on his wife or not but when we were in the car hidding to Dammam (we came through Dammam and then we drove to Bahrain by car)..his wife called from Beirut..and I could see how happy she was.. talking to him. I saw how he talked to her...with his cold voice..and he was saying stuff like i miss you and i love u..I mean what if she knew about his affairs? what would happen..
the problem is that this is not the first time nor the last..this guy used to harass our female collegues!! and they used to kick his ass all the time!! I told you he is STUPID!!

ahhh..I really hate these kinda people..I really do!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I'll be away for couple of days. I gotta attend a seminar in Bahrain :)

I'll miss ya all.. see ya soon ;)

Friday, April 14, 2006


Date: Wednesday, 12.4.2006
Place: Prince Abdullah AlFaisal Stadium, Jeddah
Teams: Ittihad V.s Ahli..both from Jeddah
Championship: Semi Final of the King's Cup

ittihad won 3/0 ..it was a wonderful game..here are some pictures :D people started to come toothe stadium since 2 pm!!! can you believe that!! by 5 pm all gates were closed coz the stadium was full..the match starts at 9 pm and these people are sitting and waiting there since 5 pm :P lol

Enjoy the pictures and Congratulations to Ittihadis :D:D:D

At 16:00

it's full!!

the match started

and we WON!! :D

Fo0f..Next Sunday we'll play against hilal.. WE WILL WIN! HAHAHAHA :P