Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Since I'm a single guy who lives alone.. I used to have these late dinners (that happens when my dear wife, Rimyoleta, punish me and leave me with no food :P)..so I used to go to Mcdonalds at 2:00 am because its the only place which still open at that time..

So once I went to Mcdonalds and I found this 6 years, cute Afghani girl ( I thought she was a boy in the begining!) standing there in the drive thu...she was standing there and staring at the cars..she didn't approach to my car or anything..she was just looking..The girl is so cute and she is so innocent..I noticed that she was looking at me so I looked and I smiled..she kept looking and she didn't say anything lolI took my Quarter Cheese meal and I gave her a small fries and told her to eat it..she took the fries and went away..

When I came again in another day, I saw her right there looking at the cars in the drive thru again..this time I decided to talk to her..I said hi..keef 7alek? (how are you?)..she gave me that look..and she went away :P

Yesterday, there was another story :P I went to Mcdonalds and saw her..I smiled..she approaced my car and surprisingly, she talked!!!! check out the conversation we had:

Her: you again? you came yesterday! and before yesterday!! you come here everyday (she tried to show that with her hand :P)

Me: (I was really shocked lol) No that's not true..I didn't came here yesterday..I came last week remember?

Her: (she said something in Afghani, I don't think she liked what I just said lol) No you came here yesterday..I saw your car!

Me: Okay okay I was here yesterday (I wanted the conversation to continue :P) tell me whats your name?

Her: Khalidah

Me: What are you doing here ya Khalidah?

Her:Working!! Don't you see that?

Me: Working? Where is your parents?

Her: at home

Me: Why they are at home? you are the one who should be at home!

Her: (didn't seem to understand what I just said)

Me: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Her: yes I have one brother here in Jeddah and 3 sisters in Afghanistan

Me: where is you brother now?

Her: Working!! he sells towels at the supermarket's parking lots..Enta aish esmak? (Hey what's your name?)

Me: Ahmed!

Her: your car is nice..(she approaced to the car and inserted her little head to see the car from the inside) :PAfter that my order was ready..I gave her the fries as usual..she told me that she bought a hamburger a while ago..I smiled and told her it's okay..have this fries with you..we are friends right? she smiled.I left the place with so many questions in my head..I tried to imagine how Khalidah's future will look like..how she would remember her parents after what they have done to her..That's really sad..isn't it?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why they would do that?

Everyone of us has friends. We look after our friends, we defend our friends and sometimes we fight for our friends. Friends do fight and they do get in conflicts with each other, but at the end they are still friends..they love each other, they adore each other and they would always be there for each other..at the end all these fights and conflicts become history.

Now, the purpose of my post is that there are certain things which I don't understand in friendships..and I thought of sharing these things with you..I might find some answers..

Why would our friends hurt us while we have nothing but love to give them?
Why would our friends give up on us while we were there for them when they needed us?
Why would we worry for them while they don't give a damn about us?
Why would we insist in having them in our lives while we are not part of theirs?
Why would we cry for them while they are laughing at us?
Why would we spend hours thinking about them while they wouldn't waste a minute to think about us?
Why would we neglect our beloved ones and run after people whom never thought of us?
Why would they come at first while we come the last?
Why would we always forgive instead of forget?

The list continues and I don't have a single answer..

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Sorry guys but i'm taking a break due to some personal problems..i shall be back soon inshalla :)